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5 Artists Who Continue to Shape and Reinvent The Artistic Realm

It is difficult to list all the artists who have influenced and reinvented art throughout history. Over the years, cliched and tiny pieces of art have transformed and become lifesize or even super-sized. In today’s world, art is garnering exponential interest by bringing in better artists, galleries, and museums. The rise of art fairs and […]


Recounting The Top Artists of The Decade – Best Artists

Over the last decade, there have been several lows and highs in the art world. While some of the artists were able to reinvent themselves and earn the highest dollars, some of them didn’t quite add up their dollar bills. Art became more inclusive of certain events, and Street Art has been accepted as an […]

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How to Host an Art Exhibition – Artist’s Guide

Art exhibition hosts and their planners make it look as though it was utterly effortless to go through all that planning and preparation to have a display. Hosting an art exhibition is a strict process and requires a lot of responsibility to go through, especially if you don’t know what you are in for. Brainstorming […]