5 Artists Who Continue to Shape and Reinvent The Artistic Realm

It is difficult to list all the artists who have influenced and reinvented art throughout history. Over the years, cliched and tiny pieces of art have transformed and become lifesize or even super-sized. In today’s world, art is garnering exponential interest by bringing in better artists, galleries, and museums. The rise of art fairs and biennials are also on the rise along with original projects in art. The excitement and energy that audiences are giving the artists are profound and more significant than was ever seen before. These five artists shape and impact culture with their artistic projects which are pervasive and has a considerable following.

  1. Pierre Huyghe – After the demolition of an ice rink behind the Burger King in Munster, Pierre was given the rights to transform the place. He toiled and worked toward excavating the arena and installed panels into the roof. The roof was set to open and close in coordination with music. The patterns he used in the central island of the rink got its inspiration from a venomous sea snail. He installed human cancer cells to multiply in the side of the arena, and pyramid-like structures are showing the cancer cell reproducing was showcased using Augmented Reality. The mechanisms that he used in his display are just superb and one of the unique pieces he has ever created. The type of complexity he uses in his installations puts him right at the top of influential artists of the year.
  2. Carolee Schneemann – America’s feminist art movement was led and popularized by Schneemann during the 60s and the 70s. However, more than 50 years later is when she gained her popularity through body art and performances. Carolee won the prestigious Golden Lion lifetime achievement award only in 2017 for her contribution to the art world. In the 60 years, she has been in the art world; her efforts were finally paid off. Schneemann danced around her latest installation of people and animals in cages that were installed by reflecting The piece speaks about the ‘Precarious’ nature of the world.
  3. Mark Bradford – As the years go by, the work of art that is produced by renowned artist Mark Bradford only grows bigger. In 2017 he transformed the American Pavillion to look like a wasteland that is decaying with a festering form that was both gruesome to watch and yet, still strong enough to convey a powerful message. Mark focuses on the social elements that lay to rot and corrupt the society.
  4. Camille Henrot – The French originating artist has had her hands full over the last few years with her rising popularity. Her pieces of work are in the theme of how time is spent and wasted. Other practices of Camille involve how people consume the sabbath through her movies. She has been gaining a lot of traction in the art world and won the Silver Lion award in the year 2013. The artist speaks loud and clear about the blur of media and several social aspects in today’s world. Through her art, she can communicate much more than what she sets out to do as simple form artist.
  5. Ai Weiwei – Weiwei is one of the top artists that has influenced and shown the world that an artist can take several forms. From his installation in sculpture, photographs, and performances, Weiwei has transformed the way art is perceived through several media sources. His works talk about the political aspects from a personal level that helps the beholder to visualize and experience his own life.