7 Young Creative Artists Who Are Transforming the Present for The Future

Artists have been playing a vital role in creating an image of the present with a futuristic sense for hundreds of years. From paintings on the ceilings of chapels to transforming a junkyard into an art spectacle, artists are essential parts of a big plan. However, most of the accomplished artists did not see their prime in their careers for several decades before they found recognition for their work.

Even in today’s art arena, several artists are world renowned for their work. However, most of these artists are well in their 40s or late 30s at the most. Very few young people are at the top or gain recognition. Going through the different artists with a fine-toothed comb has provided to be extremely beneficial to identifying the young ones who have potential in reshaping the future. Here below are seven famous artists who are young and have a reasonable promise of transforming the future.

  1. Arvida Bystrom – As a visual artist Arvida has an immense following on her social media pages and hails from Sweden. She is known for being a photographer and a designer apart from being a model. Her work mostly involves self- reflection and has a strong message in support of the queer community around the world.
  2. Bryant Giles – Giles is a painter and a designer. His work as a fine artist has beautiful detailing in what seems like chaos but a direct message in them. Bryant hails from Chicago and finds inspiration in his mind. He makes portraits of what he visualizes when he sees the smallest things in everyday life.
  3. Akia Dorsainvil – Akia is an artist with great potential. The work primarily involves creativity, sincerity, and strangeness that is an acquired taste.
  4. Adrian and Kai Schachter – These two artists are opposite personalities that blend perfectly. Their studio is in New York City, and when you walk in, a sense of ruins, colors, and creativity floods the senses. Together they are the perfect mix who creative conceptual art that is part of the underground art culture.
  5. Tyler Mitchell – Tyler is a musician and a filmmaker. As an emerging artist, he works hard to place himself in the emerging category, though most of the time, it comes to him naturally. He hails from Atlanta and has been taking pictures and highly involved in the film and photographic areas of art.
  6. Kaplan Twins – The two that work as one create brilliant pieces of art. Their work mainly indulges the complexities that are involved in celebrity culture. They work to create ripples in society by addressing several issues while creating a voice.
  7. Sam McKinniss – Sam is a painter and writer who had several exhibitions dedicated to his name over the last decade. As a young artist, he comes with a background in human development, education, and His work has been featured around the world in different galleries since 2005. As an artist, his work revolves around creating abstract and figurative creations.