Art Tours for your Bucket List – Top 5 Art Museums Around the World

Museums are a place of wonder and a looking glass into history. They exist to preserve and showcase some of the best works across cultures and communities. There can never be a price that you put on the value of a museum. Their significance and importance in conservation are irreplaceable. Some museums are a lot more popular than other museums. These are amongst the top because they are visited by most people. The list below is one that should be on anyone’s bucket list if they genuinely love art and art forms.

  1. The National Palace

In the mystical kingdom of Taipei is the National Palace Museum that has over 700,000 art pieces exhibited. Several types of art forms are showcased at this venue. Art in the form of ceramics, calligraphy, metalwork, and carvings adorned the walls of this museum. Most of the work that is showcased is based on Chinese history that has been persevered for over 8000 years.

  1. The Hermitage

Talking about large museums, this one is by far one of the largest. The museum is located in St.Pertersburg in Russia. The cool fact about this museum is that it has been open since 1852 and there are over 3 million pieces of art on display here.

  1. The National Gallery

Over 2500 prize worthy collectible objects are on display at the National Gallery. The impressive museum has some very interesting artists on display and a diverse collection too. The admission to this museum is free, and it is one of the most popular museums in England.

  1. National Gallery of Art

Washington DC is home to this favorite museum. There are three spaces for the display of artworks in this museum. There are pieces of art that range from the Middle Ages and into the Modern Art era. Sculptures adorn the beautiful gardens on the grounds.

  1. Tate Modern

Who would have thought an electricity generating station would make a great museum. The entire design of the museum has a very industrial effect on its plan because of its history and that only adds to the mysticism of the place. Contemporary art and modern art pieces are arranged according to themes at the museum. Over 600,000 people visit this museum every year.

  1. The British Museum

Millions of objects are littered throughout the British Museum. Considering the number of objects that are on display, it is no wonder that this museum has been around since 1753. At first, the museum only had coins and antiquities on display. However, over time, the number of objects has grown considerably, and the museum is one of the highest visited museums in the world today.

  1. Vatican Museum

The Vatican museum is by far the most famous museum in the world not only for the pieces that are housed within its walls but also for the authenticity and age. There are over 54 galleries in the Vatican museums and has pieces of art that have been collected by different popes as well. Many of the Italian greats are housed in the walls of the museum, and it is no wonder the place has existed since 1506.