Beauty Lies in The Eyes of The Beholding Artist – Weirdest Art

Artists around the world have different ways of expressing their art. Artists are also known to be a unique tribe of their own. They have their idea of understanding and interpreting the art that they create when compared to how viewers perceive them to be. Audiences who view the art try and understand what is behind the art, to try and glimpse into the thought pattern of the artists. Some of these artworks are plain weird, unfortunately. No matter how many times people look at it, they can’t get past the blaring weird parts about it. Here is a list of the strangest art that people have encountered – Truly art is perceived as beautiful in the eyes of the artist and their dreams.

  1. Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali

In the 1920s the surrealist movement thrived. The campaign promoted the fact that revolutions in art begin in our dreams. The artwork was created from what people dreamt about and what Freud professed through his psychoanalysis. The Lobster Telephone is one of those art pieces. The artist looked at the telephone as a symbol of messages from the beyond, and the lobster carried a sexual innuendo to it. Makes a little sense but weird when you look at it with no back story.

  1. The Physical Impossibility of Death in The Mind of Some One Alive by Damien Hirst

Apart from the long and weird name, the art is just a plain shake that is preserved in formaldehyde and looks like it is swimming. The art itself carries a very surreal feeling to it. Over time the shark has been decaying, and it has begun looking more bizarre than surreal.

  1. Object by Joan Miro

When a pirate’s hoard along with a parrot, a leg with a stocking, a map, a hat, and a swinging ball comes together, the object is formed. The artwork is merely a put-together of all the pirate’s belongings to look like one object. In reality, the Object seems magical, and there is a tinge of mystery attached to it.

  1. Monogram by Robert Rauschenberg

Take a goat that comes from ancient times and thrust it through tires and call it art; this is the recipe to Robert’s Monogram. The stuffed goat was sourced from an antique store in New York and encouraged the artist to put together the tire in goat concept for people to wonder at the sexually charged art form. It is by far one of the strangest and hard to forget art pieces ever created.

  1. My Nurse by Meret Oppenheim

The artist lived in the surrealist times and often is known to combine food and sex. She has created several intriguing pieces of art that speak of her love for both the art themes. The nurse is one of her more famous pieces that consists of a while high heeled shoe that is presented on a silver serving platter. A treat indeed for a foot fetish enthusiast.