Cartoon Art Creates Waves – Featuring Matthew Thurber

Artists who have significant weight in their following are known for the ‘jabs’ that they take at society through their artistic expressions. However, few cartoonists have ventured into the artistic realm in making a statement about the world and the institutions that run it. Matthew Thurber is one such brave cartoonist who has not been afraid of leaving spectators to a clean ending to the series of comics that he creates. His latest book is called Art Comic and showcases the various problems that would-be artists face around the world. Every artist is shown to be related in some way or the other through these pieces of comic art. The stories that are captured in his art form are those of graduates and interns who have a hard time in the real world trying to find a job in the artistic realm.

Cleverly the cartoonist can weave in humor and jabs at the society and its take on art. The fun aspect of not being paid enough as a budding artist is highlighted through his work. Matthew does not shy away from expressing the lack of perception in the performance art sector as a serious art form as well. The works of artists are inspired by different avenues but mostly because of religious beliefs and spiritual uplifting of sorts. The narrative approach that Matthew takes toward expressing the viewpoints of his artists tickles the ribs and is a tongue-in-cheek view at the world.

Matthew boldly conveys the message about how undervalues illustrations are when it comes to comparison to other art forms. Illustrations are treated like the lowermost art form that doesn’t deserve any celebrity status, and Matthew speaks up for the same. Through comical expressions, Matthew has given illustrations the attention that is welcomed the art form in the world of fine arts. Several works of art by notable artists are featured in the comic in a cartoonish style.

As a cartoonist, Matthew is one who conforms to a very minimalistic approach, and it is no wonder that he is genuinely able to see the expression of art in illustrations. There are areas where he shows off his artistic skills with highly detailed sketches, but mostly he keeps it simple. His multi-panel of art forms make the book a gallery to host his work by itself. Every story that is detailed in the comic is a realistic expression of the journey of artists with a humorous spin to it and at times realistic and severe. The end of the book does not have a clean ending or a happy one at it. From the epilogue of the book to the very end, there have been contradictions to what is contained in the artistic expressions in the book and the lives of the artists who showcased. Everything is questioned at the end, but the question about the prevalence of art is left to the eyes of the beholder to decipher. As for cryptic meanings, this art takes the cake. Matthew Thurber does more though cartoonish art that has ever been attempted before.