Female Artists with Potential Who Are Neglected

The world of art is a tough nut to crack. Artists who have a passion for painting and producing with their heart find it very difficult to make it to the top. The growth to the top is a very lonely journey that most artists don’t have support through. Very few artists are acknowledged for the work they produce, just because they did not make the right connections and at the right time. Networking with the right people happens to play a significant role in the world of art, and many artists don’t even get their foot in the back door leave alone the front if they don’t know the right people to get in. To make matters worse, the right people who can give artists a break are inside the art world. Therefore, the whole idea of the starving artist becomes true in every sense.

Struggling in the World Favouring Men

Female artists have it tougher for themselves. Most of the well-known artists are men and the few females who manage to find a break are a select few who race to the top overnight. The lack of women at the top doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great talents in the female species in our world. They are in plenty but just hidden from the media coverage that they deserve. Luckily for the female artists, a blessing came in disguise in the form of Danielle Krysa. She is known for her fantastic eye in things that are not in plain sight and her ability to see the aesthetic appeal to what she finds is astounding. The latest book that she released called A Big Important Art Book, Now with Women is everything that female artists need. She used her writing to advertise and popularise female artists that are least known to the art world to give them the exposure that they deserve.

The Incredible Contents

To start with, she released only 45 artists who she was most inspired and moved by. However, as Krysa claims, there is no way that there are only 45 artists that are available around the world for her little book. For this reason, she is releasing a second volume to highlight the many who weren’t included in the first. The additional feature of the book is that there are projects that people can take up by reading the book. These projects are perfect for amateurs who wish to learn something from the experts. Small snippets of history lessons are littered throughout the book to engross and entertain the reader. The book is overall an explosion of art related information that is rarely found anywhere else, by women and for the rest of the world. Krysa’s initiative is one for history because she has managed to put women who have potential on the art map of history. Thanks to her initiative for years to come and decades even, people will be able to look back at the art book she has curated and created to know the least known artists that could inspire generations to come.