Latest Disabled Artists Who Are Transforming the World

From the time immemorial, some of the most amazing accomplishments have been made by people who have disabilities. While the rest of us can’t imagine living a life without being able to perform everyday activities with ease, artists with disabilities cannot believe how others can’t see the world as beautifully as they do. Their world is viewed from a perspective very different from the everyday man with natural abilities. Their abilities and accomplishments in the field of art only make us wonder if they are specially abled or if we are the ones with limited skills.

The artists who are listed below use different parts of their body to paint, have some form mental disability or even are blind. However, the resulting pieces of art and beauty they create far supersedes what anyone else can ever dream of making. Here are some of the top artists who are disabled but are taking home all the recognition.

Stephen Wiltshire and Maria Illiou – Autistic

Born in London in 1974, Stephen was born to Indian parents. He is a world famous artists who have autism. At the age of nine was when Stephen learned how to speak and by the age of ten began drawing detailed drawings of London. As a prodigy, he was always known for his fantastic work of landscapes of cities with skylines after a short view at the scene he is set to create. He is well known for his New York skyline which he created after a short 10-minute helicopter ride to view the city. Maria is of Greek heritage and is in the autistic spectrum. She lives in New York and is advocates the rights for people who have autism.

Peter Longstaff – Missing Arms

Many people have known to be able to use their feet to perform the work of their hands. However, Peter has taken a step further and created gorgeous paintings with just his feet. He lost his arms because of the drug called Thalidomide which was prescribed to his mother when she has morning sickness. However, little did the parents know that the drug caused deformities in babies. Having lived his entire life without having any arms, Peter knows his feet much better than we know ours. What we consider to be our right hand is the right foot for Peter and most of his tasks including painting.

Keith Salmon – Blind

Fine artists who are blind are one of the most gifted artists. They don’t seem to be able to see what they create. However, their work is astounding to those who visualize the finished concept. Keith is known to create landscapes of Scotland and mountains, which he has climbed. He won the Jolmo award for his landscape of Scotland.

Simon Mark Smith – Missing lower arms and right foot

For those who have missing limbs, their feet play a significant part in their art and everyday activity. However, life, as we know it for Simon, is a step harder than most. Without even his right feet, he has been using his left feet to create still painting and teach digital photography, poetry, and prose. He is also a noteworthy web-designer.