Recounting The Top Artists of The Decade – Best Artists

Over the last decade, there have been several lows and highs in the art world. While some of the artists were able to reinvent themselves and earn the highest dollars, some of them didn’t quite add up their dollar bills. Art became more inclusive of certain events, and Street Art has been accepted as an art form. Even the lower East Side artists were able to scrounge their way up to the top over the decade. In short, the decade has offered much more than what art was perceived to be acceptable to this point.

The artists described below have seen the rise and fall of the art scenes throughout the world over the last decade or more. They are the key ingredients that have influenced how art is perceived in today’s world. They were able to shape the way the public viewed art and reinvented the art world entirely. The large gap that lay between product and process was shortened because of their contribution to the art world.

Ai Weiwei

This sculptor/photographer/performer can’t just be described as being an artist. The label of an artist is way too dull to describe his fabulous talents. When an artist manages to sculpt creations that are displayed at the Beijing Olympic stadium, participates in films AND has raised the culture in the art world, the word artist is too simple to describe him. Weiwei is known to have a full life that every artist only dreams of having. His art known no bounds and speaks volumes to the eyes of the beholders. Weiwei bravely expresses his imprisonment times by the Chinese government in his art and uncovers social inequalities through art.

Marina Abramovic

One phrase to summarize Marina is – “The Grandmother of Performance Art.” Marina took the world by storm with her 2010 performance called ‘The Artist is Present’ at the MoMA in New York City. She introduced the audiences to her world of performing arts and the artistic genius behind her abilities. She set the standard on the duration of performance pieces. Marina also plans to open the Marina Abramovic Institute which is solely dedicated to the performing arts. The artist is heavy into making movies and bringing performing arts into the limelight where she believes it deserves to be.


No other influential artist takes the top of the cake like Banksy does. The original face of graffiti being considered a menace has been transformed and changed thanks to the life and influence of Banksy. No one ever saw this form of art become legitimate, like the way Banksy imagined. His work is straightforward and is economical. The direct messages in paintings have shown that actions shown are perfect for any audience to gather. Banksy did not stop with just getting graffiti legitimized. He went on to create a movie in 2010 that took the world of graffiti to audiences in all its artistic glory.

Shepard Fairey

The artist behind the famous Obama design splashed with shades of red and black is the original work of art by Shepard Fairey. This graphic designer/illustrator/Street artist began his journey with designing famous political statements that flood the internet today. The presidential campaign of President Barack Obama encouraged him to start his journey with his first and most popular piece ‘Hope’. The move led to several images popping up all over the world and drawing inspiration from the works of Fairey. Fairey’s art shows that it has the power to change the political world.