The Best Art Exhibitions of The World in 2018 – International Exhibitions

People who love art have found comfort in the many fantastic art exhibitions that have been hosted around the world. Prominent cities in the world along with New York and London have showcased some of the most influential work of art by several artists of the 20th century and older. The amazing tourist destinations that these art exhibitions were hosted at were a perfect backdrop to a well-planned art show.

1.    Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe in London

There is more to the life of Frida Kahlo than meets the eye through her paintings. Her fashion sense has been adopted by celebrities and big name brands around the world like Beyonce and Dolce & Gabbana. In the year 2018, her work for showcased for the first time outside of Mexico city, in London. Everything from Frida’s clothes to accessories was put on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum with several personal artifacts on the side. These artifacts were discovered in a sealed room in her home back in 2004 and were opened for the first time to the world.

2.    Eugene Delacroix in Paris

The use of color and the invocation of movement through craftily used brush strokes, Eugene has been named the leader of the French Romantic school. Several artists have found inspiration in his works that have been showcased since 1798 to 1863s. The work of art showcases landscapes, religion and other conflicts in a society that influenced art at the time. His work was showcased at Louvre in Paris

3.    Various Artists at Melbourne

Several masterpieces have been showcased at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne in 2018. From the works of Van Gogh, Degas and Monet, the exhibition site struck gold with the big names coming to their location. Along with the work of the fantastic artists, works by Cezanne, Dali Koons and Pollock from the New York MoMA were also displayed.

4.    Van Gogh in Japan and Amsterdam

The painter or his paintings have never been to Japan until 2018. When Van Gogh lived, Japan was still opening its doors to the rest of the world. Van Gogh was able to find inspiration in the work of the Japanese and used it to create some Japanese art that was showcased at the Van Gogh Museum and in Japan as well over 2018.

5.    EY Exhibition in London

The exhibition featured the work of Picasso and his accomplishments in the year 1932. The show that was exhibited in London had 100 pieces of works by Picasso and marks a very significant year for the artist. The exhibition goes into revealing much more about the art itself than meets the eye at the venue and through the work that was displayed.

6.    Whitney Museum in New York City

New York gained another prominent artist in 2018 for its exhibitions. The work of Andy Warhol is one which is immediately distinguishable amongst the thousands of artists who are both living and dead. The evolution of Warhol’s work was on display in New York, and the audiences completely ate up everything that the exhibition had to offer.