The Theories of Banksy – The Artist Behind the Art

The streets of Britain and Europe have been adorned by the world of the world-famous graffiti artist. He comes at night and leaves without a trace except for a slew of beautiful drawings on the buildings and walls that speak boldly about society and the different reforms in cultures. He is known for his anonymity. Very often, art enthusiasts come up with theories and try and catch the guy in the act. However, the mysterious painter has been hiding and knew how to do it well too. Recently he got away with a mural on the walls of a Welsh town. His brilliant drawing on the walls of an abandoned garage in hopes to save it is all the talk in the city. People thought it was the work of just another graffiti artists and were about to wipe it out when the video of his involvement in it, surfaced his social media pages. There is always the lingering question of how he has been able to stay hidden and unspotted all these years despite being involved in drawing on public buildings and open spaces. Here are some theories about who Banksy is according to fans.

Theory #1

In 2014, a group of anti-graffiti task once cracked down the graffiti artists called Paul Horner and thought they had finally laid hands on the much-eluded Banksy. However, the publicists of Banksy came out and denied that they had captured the right guy. The artist who was caught was, however, arrested and charged with a whole series of crimes that well ended his career and kept him under check.

Theory #2

The popular theory that Banksy is probably as the 30+-year-old guy holds steady as a 33-year-old guy was arrested in early March 2015. The arrested party is Richard Pfeiffer and was actually not even attempting to draw nor was he caught in the act. The painting was a piece that was done by the original Banksy. However, Richard and his fiancé were simply admiring the piece of art that was done. The police who arrested him found that he had a pen on him and insisted on the fact that he was the real Banksy. However, Richard was able to prove that the tip of the pen did not match the strokes of the art and got away.

Theory #3

While everyone has been looking for a man who is in his early or late 30s, some people think that the actual Banksy is a woman. The theory is that the paintings are actually done by seven artists who are led by a female who is blonde and regularly appears on several pictures that are done by Banksy. The theory has not been proved by a fascinating one at that.

Theory #4

In 2015, Banksy constructed an amusement park called ‘Dismaland.’ A fascinating theory is that Banksy is probably the parking attendant at the amusement park that he constructed and that a parking attendant looked very similar to a guerrilla artist. However, the municipality disproved the theory and the hunt for Banksy continues.